Thursday, August 4, 2011
Hello guys, I've had a really awesome week. Some times i just cant believe that I'm a tattoo artist. I'm lucky enough to have my art work walking around on people all over the world. I've gotten to tattoo people from all over the place and i'm honored that people choose me to do their work. 

here are some of my favs from this week. 

I had a cancellation and my coworker let me do this one for him. I love that the rope is a forming a J. I think that's an awesome subtle way to get someone initial.

this will become a full back piece. this is only one half. it's my take on the traditional heaven/ hell. this is the hell side. 

Just like the sugar skull, i could never do to many roses! i had a lot of fun with this one. his daughter told him her favorite colors were pink, orange and purple. it's hard to tell from the picture but i threw some purple in the leaves, and the rose is actually pink. 


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