Monday, August 15, 2011

So, I had the privilege of shooting my dear friend Danielle this week. I just want to start out by saying holy crap this girl has talent!! while we were driving around scouting locations she said she likes giving it her all by trying to let go of any bit of insecurities she has, so that the photographer has better pictures and less to edit. Well, that's no easy task but, she kept true to her word. 

For any girl who has modeled before you know it's not easy to just let go and not care about looking silly. Poor Danny had to feel crazy during this shoot. I know I did. that palm tree was exactly what I wanted, a perfect curve, the sun setting in the background, a beautiful ocean backdrop, only problem... it was like three feet from the busiest beach showers. That meant the whole time we were getting soaked by splashing water and tons of people were watching Danielle strike a pose. 

Meanwhile, I could have totally used an assistant. I was wearing Jovi in a baby bijorn, trying to keep my umbrellas from falling over by holding them with one foot, and trying to light meter all at once. the whole time fighting the clock against the setting sun. 

It was a challenge but I'm so stoked on the results. This was such a fun shoot and Im already planning another one with Danielle in mind. I think she has the most perfect look for a pin up model. She has that adorable ear to ear smile. 



Jessica said...

These came out great! I love the vintage processing you did on the pics too!

amy jean said...

thank you! i enjoyed every minute of it!!

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