Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I would like to introduce you to the other love of my life, Miss Rosie Roo. She is a two pound Chihuahua Mini pin mix. She is more like a cat wanna be.   But she makes my heart smile whenever I see her. I never thought i could love a dog as much as I love her... I cant even believe how much Im going to love our sweet baby. 

Our amazing friend Kelli rescued her from near death. she was just a baby and had worms mites and patches of hair missing. She was a totally wreck. Kelli brought her to the vet and they saved her life.  At first Roo had some adjustment problems she was very afraid and shock all the time. It took a long time for her hair to grow back, and to be honest I was not fond of her. Jesse and I wanted a big dog. I was never the tiny dog kinda girl. I just never met a good small dog. 

Well, it's no wonder that Roo would end up with the best personality if you knew Kelli, literally  the girl that doesnt stop smiling and laughing. I feel like Roo totally took on her happiness. 

So fast forward six months and Kelli needed someone to baby sit Roo for a few months. we agreed thinking it would be good practice for when we get our big dog.....Wrong!!! we fell totally in love with her. I was so happy when Kelli asked us if we could keep her. I am now officially a small dog girl. 

I know all dogs have their own cute personalities but i've never met a dog like Roo. She doesn't bark, was she wants something she makes these cute dinosaur noises instead. she loves to be under covers so she borrows through the blankets with her nose.  And cutest of all since I've been pregnant she only wants to curl up on my belly. SO CUTE!! 
So being pregnant is basically making me the sickest ever....It's not morning sickness it's all day every sickness. I don't know how people do this all the time. I'm so jealous of the lucky girls who have no sickness at all.  For about a month and a half I've been pretty much bed ridden. Jesse is such a doll, taking care of me, cleaning the dishes, cooking for me.  Without him i couldn't get through this. I've been working when i can. Thank God i work like 3 blocks from our house and i can just walk there. I'm just hoping I'm one of those girls who gets better after the first trimester PLEASE GOD LET THAT BE ME!!!!

Well, that being said I have to explain that I'm heart broken right now!! I"m totally shamefully admitting that I love the Twilight series. I"m a huge dork i now but, I blame it on my mom. She was super into vampires. I was always watching her read vampire novels and watch movies over and over again. Well I guess "like mother like daughter" 

I refused to read the novels forever. I work with a bunch of girls who were totally into the books though and every day for months i felt left out of the loop. Finally my co-worker jenny gave me the first book and the rest was history hahaha. AHH I AM A DORK!!

So, tonight is the opening of Eclipse and I'm way to sick to go :(  I'm so bummed out I'm missing it. It's silly  I know but I was really looking forward to it. We went to the New Moon opening and it was good fun. everyone was so excited and all our friends went. Well tonight all of our fiends are going and i'm stuck at home to the toilet. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010
So like i said before  Jesse and I got married last November. It was by far the greatest day of my life. 

Jesse and i met here in hawaii. It was love at first sight. He was in a play that my friend Cody dragged me to. I took one look at him and knew he was the one for me.  After Cody going on and on about how we would be perfect for each other  my crush was solidified.  we had a rough start that year and i would say are real relationship didn't actually start for another year  but there was no doubting how i felt about him. I haven never met someone so perfect for me. 

Jesse asked me to marry him last May. I never cried so much in my life!!! I was so happy.  We decided to set the date and get to work. 

We paid for everything our selves and we quickly realized that we weren't going to be able to afford what we wanted, a big crazy beautiful fun wedding in hawaii! Well me, Jesse, and my friends are pretty crafty and resourceful. We figured out what were the really important things to us and figured out how to make it happen. I have never had so many craft projects. None of it would have been possible with out our amazing friends who worked their butts off. But we made it happen and it was really cheap for a wedding.
All photos are by the amazing Marina Miller of Red heart Photo 
please check her out she is super talented  

My dress was only 100.00 bucks and made to fit from
I thought it was scam but figured i'd waste the 100 bucks to find out. instead i got an amazing dress at like 1/5 the cost of a regular dress. totally worth it. 
My reception dress was from

All the grooms men out fits are from this awesome site gentlemans emporium.

Our  vegan cake and cup cakes were made from our dear friend Kristina of rise up cakes
thats her bog. totally follow her and order her cakes they are amazing! 

my veil was made by  Miss Catwings

everything eles made by us. We Got on location to set up at 7am and some of my friends were there till midnight cleaning up! i have the best friends ever. 

So i wanted to start this blog to document this amazing part of my life and also as away for friends and family to stay up to date with the progress of my pregnancy.

Let me start a few months ago. Jesse and I were married Nov 13 09. shortly after that I starting getting extremely tried and sick. My body was basically acting like it was pregnant, but after seeing the Dr. and some home test I was totally not pregnant. Instead I was told that I had a very high level of a hormone called Prolactin which is caused by a sm tumor in your brain. The result of this is your body acting like it's pregnant.

So we started doing many tests. I felt like i was seeing a doctor every week for a few months. I was so tried and sick of feeling sick. At a few of my visits my doc hinted that i would not be able to conceive. Jesse wanting nothing more in life then to be a father was crushed. We still had alot more testing to go but it wasn't looking to good.

June 6th I had my MRI to find out how big the tumor was and to determine if it was operate-able. When we met with the Dr we were amazed to hear that they found nothing. She told me that it doesnt mean it's not there just that it could be really small. She then told use that we would have an extremely hard time becoming pregnant if at all.

Well that was June 6th little did we know, I was already wks into my pregnancy at that point!!! haha We had no idea!!

We werent trying to have a baby yet, but when your told it's not possible and you find out your pregnant it's a huge blessing.

so I hope you enjoy me documenting my life, experiences and progress through our little Miracle.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

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