At our wedding someone gave us this really awesome photo album that I have been meaning to fill it but  instead I keep putting it aside. So I have finally decided to fill it up. Instead of it being a wedding album I want it to kinda tell our story. I'm going to take all the really good photos from when we met to current. I didn't really know much about my parents history before I was born. They didn't have many photos just the ones of their wedding and of my mom being pregnant. I would have loved to know more and look at pictures of them dating and stuff.  So Jovi isn't going to have that problem!! Yesterday I went through all of our photos from the last three years and picked out a lot of my favorites.  

 Not only do i want to share some of those photos but i want to share our story. I know parts of it are similar to every love story, boy meets girl they fall in love blah blah blah. but ours has it's ups and downs and i think it's really interesting. 

Jesse and I have been married for almost a year now and we dated for about 2.5 years before getting married. I know it sounds crazy but seriously I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. My friend Cody dragged me to this play that all his band mates were in. I don't remember the play to well but i remembered Jesse. I'm the kinda girl who always had a crush on the cutest guy in the play but it never goes any where. haha 

after the play the cast came down off stage to greet everyone. I blushed as I shook jesses' hand and told him that he did a good job. I guess i didn't leave my mark. to this day he doesnt remember meeting me that night. 

He does remember meeting me a few weeks later at his old bands video shoot.  Once again Cody invited me out to be an extra in his bands video shoot. I kinda guessed that jesse would be there so i quickly agreed grabbed my friends and it the road. The shoot was in this tiny punk rock house and the band was playing in the living room with a crowd dancing all around them. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards, it turned into a party and we all hungout. Jesse was there and this time he noticed me. he came over and introduced him self. i told him we met a few weeks earlier and he blushed at forgetting me.  By this time I could tell he was one of the cool kids. you know, a total james dean, cigarette in hand beer in the other eyeliner on and  wearing a leather jacket. I was having second thoughts about him. I not into to guys that are all about their image and being cool. 

I guess later he asked cody about me and told him that he thought I was really pretty. So now cody is really trying to hook us up. After the video shoot we all went bowling. It was so awkward, my friends and cody's band mates. The cool kids and the geeks, hahha that's what it felt like anyway.  Jesse hardly said one word to me. He was with this one kid who was totally wasted So i figured jesse was drinking a ton too.  that was another strike. I mean he was adorable and i couldn't deny that but im not really into that stuff. It might have been love at first sight but I was second guessing my self at this point. 

Jesses' friend told me that after bowling they were going to go play a show. Now it was already mid night and im thinking where in the world could you be playing!?!?!?  then jesse chimes in with, "yeah, you should come, I'll give you a ride there and home" but, I didn't really want to go. they were drunk and at this point I was kinda filling my head with all these thoughts of how he was a player and just wanted to get some. I told him no and then got in the car with cody and left. 

Cody ended up going on and on and on about how amazing jesse was and how he really is a good guy and I should give him a chance.  Well, we ended up at this show. It was really an open mic night at a hippy venue. The place smelt of patchouli and there were people doing that slow strange kinda ravish dance, and pillows all over the ground to lay on!! I'm thinking what have i gotten my self into!! We did not fit into this place. i picked a pillow and laid down.  Jesse came over and laid with his body going the opposite way but our heads were really close to each other. We talked for at least an hour. I realized that he was drunk at all and actually really fun. We laughed so much about the day and that currently we are laying on pillows at a venue in the middle of the night.  I felt like i knew him forever. and that love feeling started coming back. 

then he played. Jesse's is magical on stage. He is not only talented but he has so much charisma. It wasn't hard to be totally captivated by him. He and  his music didn't fit into where we were or the people he was playing to but it didn't matter. It didn't matter that by now it was 3 in to morning and i had almost been up for 24 hours. I just wanted to hear him and find out who this guy was. 

After he played we all went out for breakfast at a all night dinner. Me and jesse sat across from eachother. I was hoping the night wouldn't end. We both ordered the same thing. A grilled cheese sandwich. the waitress got confused and only brought out one sandwich though so we shared it.  the night went on and just kept hoping it wouldnt end. eventually all the food was gone and the sun was coming up. We had to part ways. I had cody bring me home. 

I had only a few hours before I had to go to work. I laid in bed to excited to sleep knowing that there was something different about Jesse he wasn't just a regular crush....

here is the video from that day. im the girl crowd surfing in the end. 

this is the day I met Jesse. we went hiking before the video shoot. 

these are just some awesome photos the Rzone took of Jesse. I love them 

All these other photos are from shortly after meeting Jesse.


these are only a few of our photos from that early part of our relationship. i'll post more in part 2
I hope you like them.


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