Wednesday, February 15, 2012
I'm the most pregnant!! hahah well I guess not the most but it feels that way. 8 months along. Its harder and easier this time around. Harder because i'm trying to run after a 15 month old all day long and easier because 'm not counting every single day not knowing what to expect. I am ready to have this little guy though. I cant wait to meet him and hug and kiss him. With Jovi I had no idea what I was in for. Part of me didn't even understand that the end result was me having this precious little life to care for.  I mean I knew i was having a baby and all that jazz but I couldn't fully comprehend what that meant until they handed her to me and I had a panic moment, "this was our child, my daughter and she is fully my responsibility!!!" this time I feel more prepared and I understand way better. That leaves way way more room for excitement.  I cant believe a year has come and gone already.

Jovi's first birthday 

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