Saturday, October 23, 2010

During my trip my friend Marlenea cut my hair. I decided it was time for a change. I had been growing out my hair for the past two years and it was finally pretty long. It was really pretty but  I just didn't feel like my self. so Marlenea cut it off and I dyed it pink!! ahhh now I feel more like my self.

Friday, October 22, 2010
Ok I've been MIA for a few weeks now. Im very sorry. I was super sick and could careless about doing anything for a week and then I was on the main land visiting family and friends in NJ. But now I'm back

First off so much has happened.  Right before i left for NJ Jesse's mom got us the best gift ever, an amazing UPPAbaby stroller. 
it's to die for. It's supper light weight has a seat, a bassinet and holds a car seat, folds up really easy. totally perfect and it looks great too. So getting that was a huge weight off our chests. Now we have all the big stuff that we needed. 

thanks Mom 

A few days after that I was on my way to NJ. I was really nervous about flying and wasn't sure how my body would respond. Its such a long flight from Hawaii to NJ, but it really wasn't bad at all. I brought a fold up tiny stool with me so i could kinda prop my legs up and I'm pretty sure it saved my life. It must have looked silly but it help support my back and keep me comfortable. 
I lucked out on the way out to NJ, both my flights were empty and I sat alone.  When i got to NJ the weather was beautiful! I haven't been home when it's been nice weather in years so this was a treat. I picked up my rental car and headed to my moms house. again I lucked out, no traffic at all and I got there super fast. 
 My family was there and waiting. It really means a lot to me to see them being 5,000 miles away from them is really hard. I spent most of my trip just hanging out with them. nothing special just sitting around talking and soaking up their company. Hawaii would be perfect if it wasn't so far from my family. 

Thursday I went to philly and met up with some old friends. We went to this new awesome vegan pizzeria . I got one of the best cheese steaks I have ever had! ehhh made me want to be vegan again. after that we checked into our hotel and had a fun girly sleepover in a fancy hotel over looking the skyline.. I was so siked they had a pool and spa but the pool was too cold to go in and the hot tub was seriously like 120 degrees. i wasn't planning on going in anyway but i couldn't even get my feet in it.  It still ended up bring really fun cause me and my friend Marlenea dipped towels in the hot water and then wrapped them around our bodies. then we tried to cool off the hot tub by dunking the towels in the cold pool water and ringing them out in the hot tub.  it actually worked and i was finally able to put my feet in and Traci got all the way in.  we finished the night by watching a movie in our room and sleeping on some wickedly comfy beds. 

the next morning. we went to one of my favorite coffee shops in philly called, Gleaners. it's super small and adorable. I really like the atmosphere and the owner is amazing.  Kelli monster, met up with us for breakfast. It was so so good to see her.  She left hawaii right when i found out that i was pregnant. Now that i have a big baby belly I think i shocked her. we got to talking and ended up being there for hours. Finally it was time to drive back to NJ and prepare for My baby shower the next day. 

Traci and a few other friends gave me such an amazing baby shower. I had no clue who was coming or what was planned. I have never even been to a baby shower before, but this was amazing. I felt so humbled having that many people there to support me and my growing family. seriously it was one of the nicest things anyone has done for me. traci really out did her self. So many people came out, people i haven't seen in years and friends that just moved to the east coast from hawaii were there. In fact, I almost felt like i was in Hawaii with how many hawaii friends were there. it's amazing that they all ended up on the east coast.  Greg brought some amazing delicious vegan cup cakes, bean pie brought a huge portion of sesame vegan chicken (my favorite) from sentoasa. Jen just started her own business and brought me a sample of her cup cakes. Now i kinda picky with my cupcakes. As far as im concerned my friend Kristina makes the best cupcakes and no one ever comes even close to hers but these were sensational!! seriously so so so good! besides the amazing food.  Jovi got some amazing gifts. everything from cloths to beautiful hand made blankets. ohh my aunt sandy made her this amazing baby blanket. which means the world to me because she made me and my brother all our first blankets.  
It was a perfect day i just jesse could have been there.  i want to post pictures but im missing my usb cord  that goes with my camera.... when i find it i will post them 

Sunday was my last day in NJ and seriously i just wanted to spend every moment of it with my family. i spent the day with my mom and brother. Again not doing anything in particular besides sitting with them and talking. My mom brought out a huge box of pictures and we soaked in the memories. My mom broke down a few times over joyed by the thought of me finally having a baby of my own. 

here are a few of the baby pictures of me from that box. sorry about the quality, i took pictures of the pictures with my phone. 

hope you enjoy them 

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