Wednesday, June 30, 2010
So being pregnant is basically making me the sickest ever....It's not morning sickness it's all day every sickness. I don't know how people do this all the time. I'm so jealous of the lucky girls who have no sickness at all.  For about a month and a half I've been pretty much bed ridden. Jesse is such a doll, taking care of me, cleaning the dishes, cooking for me.  Without him i couldn't get through this. I've been working when i can. Thank God i work like 3 blocks from our house and i can just walk there. I'm just hoping I'm one of those girls who gets better after the first trimester PLEASE GOD LET THAT BE ME!!!!

Well, that being said I have to explain that I'm heart broken right now!! I"m totally shamefully admitting that I love the Twilight series. I"m a huge dork i now but, I blame it on my mom. She was super into vampires. I was always watching her read vampire novels and watch movies over and over again. Well I guess "like mother like daughter" 

I refused to read the novels forever. I work with a bunch of girls who were totally into the books though and every day for months i felt left out of the loop. Finally my co-worker jenny gave me the first book and the rest was history hahaha. AHH I AM A DORK!!

So, tonight is the opening of Eclipse and I'm way to sick to go :(  I'm so bummed out I'm missing it. It's silly  I know but I was really looking forward to it. We went to the New Moon opening and it was good fun. everyone was so excited and all our friends went. Well tonight all of our fiends are going and i'm stuck at home to the toilet. 


Eva said...

Oh no, sorry to hear that, my sister-in-law is going through the same thing with her pregnancy. She feels better now with special prescription anti-nausea pills even though that wasn't the route she originally wanted to go.

amy jean said...

ehh, it's awful I'm hoping not to go that route as well. I'm almost to my 3rd trimester and really hoping that that makes a difference. I hope your sister-in-law feels better soon. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Bonnie said...

Hang in there girlie! It does get better, I promise! I was sick ALL day and all night for the 1st 10 weeks of my pregnancy and my midwives kept reassuring me that it means my hormones are strong, which is good for my baby. I seriously thought I was gonna die some days, but then one day I woke up and it was gone...completely! (And then of course I freaked out thinking something was wrong because I wasn't sick anymore...turns out all was just fine...I had just passed through that phase.) Just keep telling yourself that this is a blessing and is your 1st true motherly sacrifice for that amazing little angel you have inside of you. It'll all be worth it in the end! :)

amy jean said...

awe thanks so much. i'm 11 wks right now and i kinda feel like it's getting better. I cant wait to be 100% again. did you have a home birth? that's what we are leaning towards

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