Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I would like to introduce you to the other love of my life, Miss Rosie Roo. She is a two pound Chihuahua Mini pin mix. She is more like a cat wanna be.   But she makes my heart smile whenever I see her. I never thought i could love a dog as much as I love her... I cant even believe how much Im going to love our sweet baby. 

Our amazing friend Kelli rescued her from near death. she was just a baby and had worms mites and patches of hair missing. She was a totally wreck. Kelli brought her to the vet and they saved her life.  At first Roo had some adjustment problems she was very afraid and shock all the time. It took a long time for her hair to grow back, and to be honest I was not fond of her. Jesse and I wanted a big dog. I was never the tiny dog kinda girl. I just never met a good small dog. 

Well, it's no wonder that Roo would end up with the best personality if you knew Kelli, literally  the girl that doesnt stop smiling and laughing. I feel like Roo totally took on her happiness. 

So fast forward six months and Kelli needed someone to baby sit Roo for a few months. we agreed thinking it would be good practice for when we get our big dog.....Wrong!!! we fell totally in love with her. I was so happy when Kelli asked us if we could keep her. I am now officially a small dog girl. 

I know all dogs have their own cute personalities but i've never met a dog like Roo. She doesn't bark, was she wants something she makes these cute dinosaur noises instead. she loves to be under covers so she borrows through the blankets with her nose.  And cutest of all since I've been pregnant she only wants to curl up on my belly. SO CUTE!! 


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