Saturday, July 3, 2010
People are always asking me if Im doing any cool tattoos lately. It's always hard to explain what Im doing then just to show you  guys.  so here are a few things i've recently been working on. I hope you like them. 

This is a tribute piece on a girl named Holly. Her grandpa had a pear tree. I had a really fun time doing this one. It was my first time tattooing pears 

this is a smaller part of a fully sleeve. the art work is by Sylvia Ji. She is one of my all time favorite painters . I cant wait to finish the rest of the sleeve and get healed up pictures of this.

My friend Sarah got these. it's cute portraits of her and her future husband richard. I couldn't think of a cuter couple to tattoo.

I love this one it's kinda a good and evil tattoo.. or my version of one. when it's all done you'll see it better but one of the girls is pretty and alive and the other will be all zombiefide. in the center is a clock kinda saying "times up sucka"  I'll post more photos of it when it's done. 


kelli mercado said...

i'm so glad you posted sarah's feet and holly's leg, these are some of my favorite tattoos that you've done. all of the tattoos you do are so amazing amy <3

Kristina Ann said...

I love sarah's feet! I didn't know that you had even tattooed her while she was here. They are adorable. Her and Richard are literally the two cutest people on the planet.

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