Tuesday, July 6, 2010
I'm still not 100% yet but it's a start. I totally missed out of the 4th of july. We had plans to go visit our friends James and Kristina then go to a church BBQ in waikiki and watch fireworks. Ehh, so much for plans. I was stuck in bed all day.Sick as a dog.  Jesse is so good to me he tried making it a special as possible. We ended up watching the fireworks from our roof. It was actually pretty romantic. usually we are down on the beach surrounded by people it was nice to curl up in his arms just the two of us and the sky. 

I've been able to start doing things again though. After weeks of bed rest it's been nice to get out of the house.  Our Friends Mike and Alicia just had their baby girl Micaiah last week. We went over to meet the beautiful girl. I held her for so long. I think i felt my heart melt. she is so perfect from her tiny little finger nails to her cute belly button. I cant believe that in six months Jesse and i will be holding our own little baby. What an amazing gift. 
this is baby Micaiah and her daddy Mike

On another outing,  Jesse took me shopping a few days ago. He is so sweet he loves picking out stuff for me. I think that it's easy to fall into this kinda yucky sloppy feeling when you dont feel good. It totally was a pick-me-up to go out and buy some pretty girly stuff. 

Speaking of girly stuff. I had a total girl date with my friend Danielle today. I hadn't seen her in a few months so I was really excited for today. We went to my favorite cafe at the Contemporary Art Museum. Danielle had never gone and i love to show this place off! It's breath taking, and allot of people dont know about it. I guess it use to be some rich persons mansion and when they passed they turned it into a museum. It's up above the city and the grounds of the museum over look the sky line. With beautiful gardens pools and sculpture all around you feel like your in a different world.  

The food at the cafe is super good and they always hire awesome punk rock kids as severs. It's a nice contrast to the super posh atmosphere.  I got some yummy grilled cheese and tomato soup and Danielle got a grilled veggie sandwich yummy. Then we shared some pineapple sorbet! what a lunch amazing! 

After lunch we went back to my place and caught up for awhile. Danielle is moving to NYC in oct to work for an org. called Models For Christ She was explaining what they do and how they help girls that are struggling with drugs and eating disorders. It sounds totally perfect for her. It makes me sad to say goodbye to another amazing friend but it's such a great opportunity for her. 

All in all it was an amazing day ohh except the part were I threw up at lunch hahah, decaf, coffee no go!


Dan! said...

Love you! I will go on a girl date with you any day in your cutie clothes (or even if you're not in cute clothes).

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