Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Well, like I said, Jesse's mom is here and we got the pleasure of having dinner with her tonight. We went to one of my favorite restaurants the Veranda at Mona Surfrider. it's in that big white hotel in Waikiki that looks more like a South Carolina plantation then a hotel. the restaurant is in the back court yard all around this beautiful wrap around deck that over looks the ocean and a huge banyon tree. totally breath taking. 

Actually my first time meeting Jesse's mom was at the same place and now it's kinda a tradition that we go there when ever she is here. 

There is something that happens that the older I get the more important family is to me. I grew up one of two kids in my entire family. Both my aunts never had any kids and my distance aunts were so distant that I didn't know them. It was a very small family. I have always wanted a big family. I was so lucky that Jesse comes from a huge family! Being part mexican his dad had like 7 or 8 siblings! That's just his dad's side. So now I have a huge family like I always wanted. 

That being said dinner was amazing, good conversation, lots of talk about baby stuff, good stories about Jesse as a baby, good company. Jesse's mom makes up these cute nick names for everyone and she has named our baby Jelly bean!! I love it! so so cute. I came close to tearing up every time she said it. 


dshowalter4 said...

Well Mama Bear loved to be there to share the Love and excitement that surrounds the preparation for the arrival of"" Jelly Bean"" I cant wait to see what flavor our little Jelly Bean is going to be... Doesn't mater to me Mama loves all flavors....
I am so proud of all the decisions the parents to be are making about the future for their family.
I know this little Jelly Bean has been blessed with the brightest future, love , life and peace.
Love Crazy Tutu. aka: Mama Bear

amy jean said...

I cant explain how much your love and support means to us. I love you tons.

we are hoping to find out the flavor of baby jelly bean next week!! our apt is set for next thursday the 5th at 12pm. i'll let you know for sure after we have the ultrasound.


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