Wednesday, July 28, 2010
well this week was a first for me. I have always sworn that I would never ever tattoo the Sailor Jerry aloha monkey. I dont know when I made this promise to my self but i've been tattooing for 71/2 yrs. 4 of those yrs. in hawaii and I've gotten away with out doing it.  Well it looks like I'm a promise breaker. My friend Nicolle and her bf Jon were here visiting and guess what they wanted!! err...I totally caved in and it wasn't that bad at all. It was however my first time tattooing a butthole and monkey balls. 

I hope you enjoy the photos 

now i'll probably end up tattooing that monkey all the time. all in all, it was good fun. i was really happy to catch up with Nicolle and Jon. they are great people I only wish we lived closer. 

Nicolle is actually an amazing photographer. 

check out her web site
here is some of her work 

go check out her work!!



Studio 8 said...

We heart you Amy!! And my monkey balls are bigger than Jon's!! HAhahahaa!!!

Can't wait to visit again!!


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