Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday was amazing. bot me and jesse have the day off so it's our day to do fun stuff. I've been so sick that it's been more mine and the toilets day together, but yesterday my body gave me a break and i was able to enjoy our day off. 

We started the day off with church in the morning. it was good to finally be able to go. I missed it a lot. Then we all came back to our place for brunch. I should have gotten pictures of the wonderful omelets the boys made for us but I was to distracted by the our friends Matt and Erin's baby girl Olivia. I adore her. we actually met them while Erin was still prego. Matt was a waiter at our wedding and he and Jesse totally hit it off. We've all become amazing friends. I feel like I'm watching little Olivia grow up before our eyes. She is at the cutest stage right now. She is developing her own personality and smiles all the time. We've seen and played with Olivia a lot before but somehow it meant more yesterday. It like really struck me and Jesse that in six months that's going to be us!! I think Jesse must have told me about  six times after they left that he wanted our baby now. It's so hard to wait!! 

After they took off Jess and I took our other baby girl Rosie Roo to the dog park. 

I love bringing her there. She might be the smallest dog but she chased  like four huge dogs all at once yesterday. She is small but so fast and i love it when she runs full speed. It's so funny watching other dogs even try to catch up to her.  She made so good friends and wore her self out  for the rest of the night. 

this is me and her taking a nap after all the activities 

Jesse's mom gets here tonight!! i'm so siked to see her. it's a short business trip but we are just lucky that her work sends her out here in the first place.  I'll post some pictures of us later. 



kelli mercado said...

eeek! amy your hair is so lonnnng!
i can't believe you only have 6 more months; i'm so tempted to book my ticket back to hawaii already ;)
i miss you both so much and everything in life is looking so beautiful for you guys. i love you so much! give rosie tons of kisses for me and tell her she's my favorite little alien! xoxo

amy jean said...

my hair is growing like crazy!! i cant stop it. i just had it cut today!! im tempted to go even shorter!! umm please book that flight now!! i need to see you!!

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