Tuesday, August 23, 2011
 I'd like to introduce you to my next inspiring daughter of the most high, But first, I wasn't expecting this post to be taking off like it is. Its title was suppose to be a one time thing reflecting on the meaning of Pure beauty.  now that it is a weekly post I dont want to steal my friends name, so from now on it will be titled "Inside Out", because it is what goes on inside us that determines the true value of our outward acts.

And now the good stuff. 
 I'm sure some of you have already been following her blog She Breaths Deeply and for those of you who haven't been you need to!! I cant remember how I found her blog, but I as I read the news of her becoming pregnant I felt a sorta of friendship based or similarities forming.  I wanted so badly to have a friend going through the same things I was as a soon to be mommy.  Now over a year later we have both had our baby girls and I've been honored to get a glimpse into Mandy's life. reading about her faith as it strengths not only her family but all of us. 


Hello!  My name is Mandy and I run a blog called "She Breathes Deeply."  I am a tea drinking, tattoo wearing, christian yoga practicing, fashion loving, wife to a wonderful man named Kyle, and mama to a little named Lily.  I hope you come by and say hi!  

But, first… I wanted to share some thoughts I have on beauty.  

1.What does Beauty mean to you?
I used to think of beauty as an image to be portrayed or projected.  I spent so many years chasing "beauty", and trying to fit into that stereotype.  Now, I have found my beauty in becoming a mama.  I am finding my beauty in being stretched to the limit… learning to love and raise a little one without selfish ambition… giving and loving, even when I don't have much to give.  I have found my beauty being heavily dependent upon the Lord's grace.  

2.Have you ever struggled with comparing your self to other woman. can you share some of your secrets for over coming that battle.
Oh, yes.  I feel like every one has had to come to grips with the ugly competition and comparisons with other women.  I struggled with, and still do struggle with this from time to time.  But the truth is, there is only one "me."  Regardless if I am "beautiful" by the worlds standard, I LOVE my life and I LOVE the role I have been given in this life. No one else can be me. I have been perfectly handcrafted by the Lord... I learning to love being "me."  

3.when do you feel the most beautiful, and when do you feel the most insecure? 
I feel the most beautiful when I am doing the things I have been created to do… You know… Those times you find yourself doing something that just makes you "come alive" inside... and for a moment of sobering realization you find your beauty living and breathing; doing the things God created you to do.  For me, I feel most alive and beautiful when I spend time face down before my Maker… when I have a heart to heart with my husband… when I am playing with my little one… when I am offering encouragement to a friend… when I am writing, and telling my own story.

I feel most insecure when a memory of the past rears its ugly head.  Memories of allowing others dictate how I felt about myself, or what they thought of me.

4.How do you stay confident in who you are?
Staying confident in who I am is all wrapped in my identity in Christ.  I simply cannot be without Him.  The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful husband, who daily reaffirms his love and attraction to my inward and outward beauty.  Also, becoming a mama has boosted my confidence in myself as well.  It used to be I would be caught dead leaving the house with no make up on.  Now,  I am learning to love the "natural look" simply because I have no time to get dolled up with a (almost) 6 month old!  : )

But mainly, all of my confidence and self worth is wrapped up in Jesus.  He calls me lovely.

5.Any advise to girls struggling with their self image?
Please realize that the people around you who are telling you what they think about your beauty (whether they be people you know, or the media) are incredibly wrong.  I have had so many people tell me so many lies concerning beauty.  They were bitter, angry hearts that had been mistreated by the world's standard of beauty.  Your beauty is incredible, and just waiting to be unleashed.  The world needs to see and experience your beauty… 


Anonymous said...

You were right! I definitely love this woman's blog. Great writer, she reminds me of you. =)

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