Friday, August 5, 2011

Nerdy fact number 4 about me.

I am a huge sucker for categorizing things. If I had more time and lived alone everything from my clothing to my nail polish would be in color order. 

I dont know why I like it so much. it just makes more sense to me that way, and it looks pretty.  A few years ago we had some friends over for a movie or something and I was sitting facing the movie shelf and i remember thinking red is the most dominate color of dvd cases. Next thing you know I was color coordinating all our movies.  I keep all my ink at work in rainbow order too.  In fact as Im typing this I want to organize my closet 

But it doesn't have to refer only to color it can be anything of similar traits. When I was a kid and would come home from a very successful night of tricker-treating. I would have to organize my candy before eating it. Any other kid would think i was nuts but not me. It was more fun to organize then to eat the candy.  I would put all fruity hard candy together, chocolates, gum, lolly pops, and then i'd put them in color order. 

All I need to stay busy is a bucket of markers that I can put in order. 



Anonymous said...

I'm the same way. Walking into an unorganized room makes me super anxious and I can't help but want to categorize everything and throw away all the junk!

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