Thursday, August 11, 2011
This has been an awesome and busy week for me. Tattooing in hawaii has it's advantages and disadvantages. It's hawaii so it's amazing and we get a lot of work. Tattoos are widely accepted here so you see Police officers, Doctors and  School teachers here with full sleeves. Some disadvantages are that it's hawaii so everyone is super tan or has sun damaged skin which makes it harder to tattoo and makes the colors less vibrant.  I'm like a kid in a candy shop anytime we have a fair skinned tourist from canada in the shop. Another disadvantage is that people are always coming and going out here. Which makes my job really rough when i'm doing big pieces. I'll start the outline on something that is going to take months and then they tell me, "Ohh, i'm leaving in a few days can we finish it by then?" then i have to either rush through the tattoo or not complete it. I cant even tell you how many pieces i have started and never seen again. Its a huge bummer not to be able to finish a piece of art that you've invested into.

 That being said I was lucky enough to tattoo two amazing girls who were willing to put the time in and finish their pieces this week. 

the first one is just the finished picture of an outline i posted a few weeks ago. this girl rachel, was the toughest. She sat for 6 hours for me on tuesday night and then came back in on thursday to finish it up. If she was in any pain at all you never knew it. 

the second one is a sad parting piece done on one of my best clients Angela. I did a back piece on her last year and really grew close with her. She is a flight attendant and gets to travel the world so i vicariously live through her. She is moving so i'm not going to be tattooing her any more :(  she brought me the sweetest goodbye present, an awesome painting from a gallery in LA.  I'll have to post a picture of it later.  

it's clients like these that make my job a pleasure. 



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