Monday, August 1, 2011
My friend Jessica Hoffman's bracelet to support her project Pure Beauty

Beauty isn't just skin deep. It's what's on the inside that counts. I know it's been said and re said a 100 times, but it's fully worth repeating. 

I dont know one girl who can say they haven't struggled with self image. I'm meeting more and more girls who have at one point or another had eating disorders. We compare our selfs to unrealistic advertisements and magazine covers. No other generation in history has been so overwhelmed with media driven standards. Turn on a TV and your likely to see many average to even over weight  actors, but it's few and far between for actresses. They are all gorgeous young and stylish. We are fed lies from childhood saying that to be successful we need to be beautiful. 

Well, my friends, Beauty fades!! I don't want to buy into the lies that my only worth is stored up in my looks. A persons value is not and never will be found in their looks. I've know some ridiculously drop dead pretty girls who to be honest had the worst attitudes. Their looks had gotten them everything they wanted and they were spoiled, mean and as a result ugly.  On the other hand I have some other amazingly pretty friends that  have stayed humble and funny and as a result only intensify that beauty. 

I think looks only get you so far. What i'm more concerned about is CHARACTER!!  Have you ever met someone who normally you wouldn't have given much notice to, but  because of their confidence  they were totally captivating making them stunning? How do you get that? I really want to dive into insecurities, confidences, taking pride in your flaws, loving your own self and stopping comparing your self to others. 

I'm hoping to have guest bloggers posting their stories and thoughts on the topic. 

well let me know what you think. 



Jessica said...

I think that would be a GREAT idea! Can't wait to read the posts!

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