Friday, August 12, 2011
Hey guys, I'm super inspired right now and wishing that I could be shooting. I think my lovely friend Danielle is going to let me shoot her on monday. Here's to hoping for good weather! I want to do a cute vintage, hawaiian pin up shoot with her. She is perfect and adorable so if they don't turn out good it's all on me. 

here's some of this weeks inspiring photos.


I love this dress and the contrast between it and the browns of the forest.

What can I say, this shot is gorgeous and I'm a sucker for colored hair. 

Eyemotor Productions

Who doesn't love a Marie Antoinette?

All these pictures are getting me siked for monday!! 



Aj said...

As a Christian girl who also has a few tattoos (and can't wait for more) it is SO beyond uplifting to see others that love who God made them, and aren't afraid to be themselves and decorate their body with amazing art. I love your blog, and what you stand for. Continue being a beautiful woman of God and being a light for all things awesome and stellar. :)

amy jean said...

awe, thank you! I'm glad you arent afraid to show off your tattoos. I believe God care way more about what's on the inside then a few tattoos.

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