Monday, August 9, 2010
Now that Im starting to feel better on a daily basis work has been way more enjoyable. I've only been working 4 days a weeks and taking less clients which I have been finding really nice. It's been way less stress on me and I have more time to spend on each tattoo. 

Well, here some some of the recent things Ive been working on. 

On a sad note. we are losing two of our artists this week. Mia and Rachel are both moving to the mainland. Mia was packing up all her stuff today and it was making me all pouty. it's really hard to say goodbye to such awesome friends. i really really like working with both of them they inspirer me to become a better artist. plus it was nice to have the extra girls around. I guess that just one of the things you get use to living in hawaii...people come and go so often. 

I'll miss you girls!


kelli mercado said...

you are the only person in the world that has successfully done an audrey kawasaki tattoo!!! you are my hero in life!!! i love you xoxoxo

Kristina Ann said...

i was just going to say the same thing as kelli! it came out soooo beautiful! you are amazing.

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