Sunday, August 15, 2010
So tonight i came across my friend Bean Pie's blog. I didn't even know that he had one. it's not fancy no pretty pictures, no decorative background, just his thoughts. I have known bean pie for years and years it seems like we watched each other grow from teenagers to young adults and know grown ups even.  Something i have always admired about bean pie is his ability to always be there for a friend. he will literally at the drop of a dime drop every thing and be there for you.  while reading his blog i could help remembering all the times he has been there for me and thinking how lucky i am to have him as a friend. 

He wrote in one entry about our friend paul who took his own life my first year living in hawaii.  If you've every lost a good friend you know how the sting never really goes away. It was hard to read about paul but bean pie made a good point about how paul's death brought us all together. maybe that's why we are all so close even if we go years without seeing each other, im not sure. I just know i'm so thankful for the friends that i have. 

the last time i saw bean pie he flew out here for our wedding. in his blog he writes that, that trip changed/saved his life. I wonder if my friends know that all the help and even just them making the trip out here changed my life. even tonight Jesse and i went out and like so many nights our wedding became the topic of's always about how much fun it was and how it was a dry wedding and still people had a blast...i dont accredit that to my superb event planning's because our friends are real and love and care for each other. that is where people feel safe and can be fools and have fun. 

i guess i'm just having a sentimental night. we go to an engagement party....I come home to find out my friends are raising money to fly me out to NJ for a baby shower....then i read Bean pie's im pregnant!!! bring on the tears. 

here are some of my favorite friend time pictures...i wish i could go father back then these but my pictures arent on this computer. 




Proverbs 31:30 said...

I laughed, i cried...

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