Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Jesse recently joined Olivia the BandSince I met jesse three years ago he has been in many many bands, The Hell Camino's, Make the Change, S1 Atomic. and a bunch of other bands. Olivia is a little more main stream then his usual punk or hardcore band, but i like them. I think it's a great fit for him. but with this change instead of playing the normal late night shows at clubs and bars, his been playing a lot of days shows. 

this weekend they played at hawaii's waterpark. it was recently remolded and they added some new rides so i've been dying to go. then i got pregos and couldnt really go on any of the rides so ive been pouting about it for awhile ( why pay 40 bucks admission if i can only go in the lazy river). well one of the perks of Olivia playing at the water park was that we got in for free!!! yah!

I wasn't able to do much more then the wave pool and the lazy river but it was so much fun. i almost died laughing in the wave pool. i forgot how much fun those things are. Jesse got to go down the slides and i relaxed until the show. I wish i had my camera on me but water and electronic dont really mix well

I havent gotten the chance to see them play very often so i was really excited. It was so much fun. I cant help being so proud of my husband every time i see him play. He is so so talented. 

i did happen to have my camera for the show. 

Speaking of how talented Jesse is, he totally sung to our baby he other night. he melts my heart.  


bebe bird beck said...

Oh goodness, how cute is that!?
What a sweet video.

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