Thursday, August 12, 2010
Like is said earlier if your gonna live in Hawaii your going to see a lot of people come and go. I've lived here a little over four years now and I have met some people that will be in my life forever even though they have moved away.  You kinda just get use to having going away parties and dropping people off at the airports, but just because you get use to it doesn't mean it's easy. 

My wedding was about 9 mons ago. I had 6 brides maids. only one of them was a girl that i knew before i moved to hawaii. out of those six only 2 are still living here!!! it the past year i have seen so many of my friends leave. I'm still not over Kelli monster leaving a few months ago, and tonight i had to say goodbye to  another amazing friend Mia. 

i've known Mia for a few years now but it wasnt until this past year that we became close. I wish we didn't waste so much time. some of my favorite times spent with her are when we pick on nick together. it's not the easiest thing to meet people that you really hit it off with and i'm gonna miss her a lot. 

We had a really nice sending off dinner at mia's favorite restaurant Hale tonight. you can read her blog entree about the restaurant here . It was a really low key night. Just me and jesse and nick and mia. On valentines day we double dated there and tonight they sat us at the same table so it felt like deja vu. 
we all ate the most food and i left feeling like i was in a food coma. Hopefully Mia felt the same and will sleep a ton on her plane ride. 

Mia we will miss you!!! xoxo

And on another note.  here is my adorable husband who had to rush off to band practice as soon as we got home. err all i wanted to do was cuddle but nope i had to say bye to him too... thankfully just for a few hours. will also be miss for the next few hours. I love you 


mia graffam said...

ahhh amy you are the cutest ever! i will miss you so much, so sad to leave. i wish we got to hang out tons more... and i agree, picking on nick is the best haha. anyway, love you and jesse! take care and say hi to monster for me when the time comes. xoxox.

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