Friday, August 27, 2010
My poor baby girl Rosie Roo had such a rough week. First Jesse put down some new huge roach traps. we are talking ones that last for 18 mons. They are big.  he put them in some pretty hard to reach areas and some not so hard to reach areas. he just thought that rosie would stay away from them. Well the next day i'm about to start a tattoo when i get a call from our roommate nick. I sounded awful and was like "you better get home quick rosie has been eating the roach traps!" I didn't even break down my station i left everything all set up and was out of there in a few mins. once again i was thanking my lucky stars that i live only four blocks from my work.  on the way home i called the vet and he told me to force salt water down her throat and she would vomit up the poison. I called nick and told home to get started. by the time I got there she already swallowed a few tablespoons and new that she didn't like it. It took three of us to force the rest of the water down. which is ridiculous considering we are talking about a 3 pound dog. 

with in a few mins she was puking the most. i cant believe how much poison she ate. She is so small and there was so much in her system. thank god it Nick was home and that she didn't eat it earlier in the day when no one was home. 

after that we were all covered in salt water and poor rosie just wanted to be loved. She got her fair share of cuddle time and when her daddy came home we rushed her out the door to the pet shop. where we lavished doggy treats upon her, vowing never again to be so foolish.  we didn't want to leave her out of our sights for one min so we bought her with us to get some takeout thai food and the poor girl was such a mess she peed her self while sitting on jesse's lap!! it was kinda funny, kinda sad. she was so shaken up. 

So....As if that ordeal wasnt enough for Miss Roo.
 she was also spayed on tuesday. Poor baby.  Now she has this two inch cut down her belly with stitches in it. 

when i picked her up she was not happy, well thats a lie even when she is all doped up she is still so sweet. she was trying to wage her tail and be adorable. But she was all lethargic and moving slow. The drs didn't put a cone on her. they told me to keep an eye on her and if she started licking a lot to bring her in for one. well I knew that would be a problem our dog has a serious licking problem. I asked them if they could please just give me one but they assured me that it would be fine. It wasnt fine by 630pm she had already licked one stitch out and the vet was closed. I was trying to keep an eye on her and stop her from licking but it was jesse's birthday and we had to leave for his party. So we made a home made cone for her. 

she looked adorable. but was not very happy with us. But it was working so with left it on for the night and most of the next day (of coarse the Vet's office was closed so i couldn't bring her in).  she is doing much better now. she cant really jump up on anything and wants extra attention which i'm more then willing to give.


Eva said...

HAHAHA the cone

Kristina said...

her cone reminds me of a pokemon ball for some reason. haha it's so big! that is so scary about the roach traps though. we have some in our house, and i am always paranoid that the dog or cat will get them..

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