Friday, August 27, 2010
When Jesse a I got married a very generous couple from church gave us their bedroom set. Like the whole set!!! Bed, two end tables and a tall dresser that all went together. It was a huge blessing because we didn't have any furniture and no money to go out and buy new stuff.  Well it's been almost a year and i still love the set but, the dresser didn't handle the move well and is basically falling apart. We can only use three of the five drawers. I've been thinking it's time for an up grade. 

I started my search thinking that i was going to get a Mid century mod style longer dresser. I knew i wanted to be off the ground and have legs and would hopefully be black. My first stop was this really rad furniture store out here called Inspiration. It's kinda like Ikea with better quality furniture. I remembered seeing a dresser in there that Jesse and i liked similar to what i wanted...well i found that dresser and it was 1400 dollars!!! way way to much. second stop thrift store. one extreme to the next. 

I didn't find a Mid century mod dresser and i was about to give up when i saw something sitting in the corner. it wasnt my color or style but it was the right shape! I knew i could refinish it and stain it black with some work. and the best part is that it has claw feet!! So i bought it and got to work. 

First I got it home and striped off all it's parts and hardware. It's pretty much all just screwed together so it was really easy. I took pictures of everything so if i forgot how it went i could just look back.

then i sanded the old finish off. this took forever!!! seriously next time im just going to get a chemical stripper. I didn't want to bother with all the fumes because im pregnant but sanding took about a week no joke. 

finally i got all the old finish off and the wood nice and smooth. I cleaned everything off and it was time to start staining it. I picked a  black semi gloss that still allows to grain of the wood to show through 

while that was drying i painted our bed room 

then my Amazing husband put all the hardware back on for me.

all done!! it was a lot of work but it looks great and i love it even more because i made it!! 



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