Sunday, September 19, 2010

I know it's been awhile since I posted pictures of tattoos I've been working on. I'm sorry, I've just been lazy.

Work has been great now that Im not sick. I'm finally taking on new clients again and getting to do some pretty cool stuff. I feel like being sick was a blessing in disguise. it allowed me to take a much needed break from the routine of drawing none stop and let me appreciate tattooing again. 

on a funny note I noticed my belly brushing against my client a few times today. I hope it didin't freak him out

check out my work

finally finished this one. It's totally one of my favorites. Mike is such a good client and i have done all of his tattoos. He has the best most tattooable fair skin!! 

 I did this one today. It's only part of a full leg sleeve. I've been really into tattooing poppies instead of roses lately.

This was just a fun traditional piece. i wish i got to do more stuff like this. I also wish that i could get a better picture of this tattoo but it wraps way too much around her leg to feature it all in one photo. sorry if it's confusing. 

Im not sure if you can tell from the photo or not, but I'm totally reworking this tattoo. The client got the original done by a friend who was just learning how to tattoo. It's pretty badly done and i'm trying to fix it up and make her less of a play boy angel. I forgot to get a picture of it before i re did the outline. there was no banner or cloth covering her up and she was fully nude. I really like doing stuff like this. Its a really fun challenge making a bad tattoo come to life. the hard part is that if it's drawn badly to begin with i cant do to much about that.  I'll post more photos of it when it's fully done. 

and just a cute tree frog. this was a pretty fast tattoo. nothing to crazy about it. I just think it's cute. 
ohh and the woman who got it was a labor and delivery nurse so we talked a lot about babies!!

speaking of babies 

So I nearly passed out today. that has nothing to do with tattoos, but i thought I'd throw it out there. I decided to walk the long way home from work today and get a little extra exercise. It wasn't a far walk at all but i guess that piled on top of me climbing the stairs to our apartment was enough to do me in. By the time i unlocked my front door everything was going black. I sat down as fast as i could and focused on my breathing but the blackness just kept getting worse till my ears were ringing. It was only by the grace of god that i didn't pass out. thank god i didn't I was all alone and i'm not sure what would have happened. After a few mins of deep breathing i got better. i guess i just need to be even more carful about over exerting my self.

We also met with our midwife today. She said every thing is progressing perfectly. Im right on schedule. she gave me some advise for heart burn and sleeping better. other then hearing Jovi's heart beat it was pretty uneventful, but still good to know everything is going perfectly. 


Gitte said...


Perhaps if you'd get dizzy again, you could lay down & put your feet in the air (with a chair under it or something, while breathing deep... (If I understood correctly you sat down on a chair? It goes away quite fast when you lay down)

I hope this helps you, for a next time it may happen (but let's hope it doesn't happen again!)

Mandy said...

I am so sorry to hear about the dizzy episode. It is so hard to know when exercise is pushing you too much in pregnancy. Before I was pregnant I ran miles and miles every week and did power yoga everyday. Now, a simple walk kills my round ligament and sciatic nerve.

Your tattoo work looks amazing! I am currently dreaming up what I want my half sleeve to look like. I am going to get it done after I have the baby. I am going to draw it up and post it on my blog soon.

Pray for you not to have any more dizzy spells!


bebe bird beck said...

You're amazing.
I love your work!

Oh, I hope the diziness leaves and you feel 100% better soon!!

ashley said...

I love your work... Cody has been working on my sleeve since January, but I was so bummed when I went in and everyone said you were out on maternity leave! When you get back, I would love to have you do some work on me, and PS lovinggg the poppies instead of roses :)

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