Saturday, September 11, 2010
So i have to admit, I hate 99% of all the strollers I see. They are usually these huge obnoxious hard to maneuver unstylish beasts!! yuck. but I know I need to get one so I've been keeping eye out for anything better then the norm. we aren't going crazy trying to buy a lot of new things for Jovi since she is just going to grow out of it all so quickly. I mean she is our first and I want to go over board with an adorable nursery  and cute shoes and clothes but we are trying to stay practical and remember that newborns cant walk and don't need shoes no matter how cute they are!  I've been finding  a lot of things used on craig's list and we are getting tons of hand me downs from friends who have recently had babies.  

That being said I'm still thinking about buying a new stroller. I mean I'm going to be using it a ton and that means I better like it.  A few friends have offered us theirs and its really tempting to not have to spend the $200+ on one, but like I said earlier I hate most strollers. 

Well I have been doing some online research and found a few strollers I think I could live with 

This would be my favorite one... I'm such a sucker for houndstooth!  and it's small adorable, and converts to many different positions...only it's 750 pounds... i have no idea what that is in dollars but it's way more then this mama wants to spend. 

This is adorable, affordable ( 200$ with shipping on ebay) , but huge! doesn't really work for a toddler, doesnt change positions and is probably a pain in the butt to maneuver around a busy super market.


I like this one just not in red. it's not my dream machine but i'd be happy with it. it's affordable, changes positions and is easy to move around. I actually met a girl with one of these yesterday at lunch. she said she was really happy with it and said it was super easy to use. at 299$ I think this one might be hard to beat.  I also says that it fits most car seats which is perfect since Jesse's mom already gave us one. 

One last option. I found this guy on ebay too. it's only 212$ but i'm waiting to see how much shipping is going to be. it's in Australia. It comes in three colors, red, blue, and black. I would get the black one. It also changes positions and is smaller. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet though. I guess i'll know when i find out what the shipping is going to be. 


Mandy said...

I agree... I went to register for strollers at Target tonight and didn't like anything there. I love the top two strollers you posted!

Ashley Jean said...

Stroller shopping is THE WORST! I got the travel system w/ my son (3yrs ago) which I thought ended up being of poor quality and we ended up buying a ton more. So when I had my daughter (this yr) I went for the expensive car seat ($289) to fit on the expensive (Peg Perego) double stroller (retails for over $900, got it on Craig's List used for $250) and to be honest I use my Car Seat Carrier Stroller ($89) the most.... now i've got 2 small kids and 5 stroller...yeeesh! lol

p.s. That Houndstooth one is AMAZING!!!!!

Mandy said...

Okay... I know I already left a comment on this post... But I really like your blog, okay? haha! : )

I just wanted to thank you for your encouraging comment on my "prayer request" post today. I really needed that and I really appreciate your prayers. They make such a difference. Your comment really brightened my day!

Hope you have a wonderful evening!

Ashley said...

Thank you! Congrats on your little girl, Jovi is a beautiful name :) I love your maternity fashion as well, you look great!

The belly oil I'm using is Mama Belly Oil which can be purchased here:

I have also found it on Amazon and outside websites for cheaper, it's rather pricey.

amy jean said...

thanks so much for the link. their products are so cute. i want to buy every thing. as of now i have just been using coco butter i haven't had a problem with stretch marks yet but i'm thinking i should get something a little stronger.

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