Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Jesse my amazing husband, is a very very good cook. If fact, when he was trying to figure out what to study in school i was trying to pushing him towards a culinary degree. He went the route of graphic design instead but it's for the best, now he isn't burnt out on cooking and i reap the benefits.

 In an attempt to save money and plan our grocery shopping out better we made a full plan of dinners for this week.  We usually just buy the regular same old every week and put something together from that. I was kinda getting sick of the same menu so we are trying out this new method. 

We went shopping fully decked out with our menu for the week. we made sure to figure out what ingredients we need for each meal and went to town. We ended up spending about the same as we usually do  but had way more fresh items actually i'd say more then half our cart was fresh veggies and fruits. yummy!! 

Tonight's Menu:
Portabella Mushroom Sliders
-Organic Grilled Portabellas
-Organic Avocado
-fresh field greens
-Jesse's Special Zesty Sauce
-Munster Cheese
-On whole wheat sub rolls


Raspberry Mint Salad
-Fresh Field Greens
-Organic cherry tomatoes
-Vegan Feta cheese
-Fresh Mint
-Ripe Raspberry's
-With a raspberry vinaigrette


Lemon/Mint Ice Tea (very Refreshing)

Stay Tuned for the rest of the weeks menu

stay tuned for tomorrow's meal!!! 


Eva said...

mmmm, and so healthy!

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