Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jesse and I had the best night ever!! Wednesday night are usually reserved for midweek church service but tonight we decided to take the night off and go on a date night. We've been so busy with baby planning and doctor visits that we havent had a chance to do something just for us.  Well tonight was that night. 

we started at burgers on the edge. usually we both shy away from anything with burger in the title but we heard they have really good veggie alternatives. It's the kinda of place where you get a menu slip and check all the things you want on your burger. Yummy!!! We both fell in love and are totally going back.

After dinner we went to the movies. Neither one of us really keeps up on what is playing, so we had no idea what to see. We only watch movies rated below R. That knocked off half the movies on the list. Jesse spotted one called "Devil" directed by M Night Shyamalan who is one of jesse's favorite directors. Well that plus the name, I mean we were skipping church to see a movie called Devil, perfect choice. 

This movie was so so so so good!!! i'm not joking I'm not easily impressed by movies but seriously this one was really well made. The story line had me on my toes the whole time. Jesse was really scared and we both jumped a few times. And the ending!! lets just say i never ever saw that coming!! I"m not one who likes to give things away so i wont say much more but you should really go see it.  

On another note. I'm a Christian and I would love to see more christian or faith themed movies made that arent absolutely cheesy or overly in your face about salvation. I think so many of these movies end up turning people away instead of drawing them in. This movie Devil does one of the best jobs i have ever seen in telling the story of forgiveness/ salvation. I dont know if it was meant to do that or if it was just my interpretation.  Again I dont want to give it all away i just think it was super moving and suspenseful with meaning, a hard thing to do.  So please if you see it let me know what you think.

After the movie Jesse and I crawled into bed and had some awesome one on one cuddle time ( much needed) and now we are comfortable and cosy sitting next to each other on our laptops. Jesse designing and Me bloging. 



Ashley said...

I had no idea that is what the movie Devil is about! It looks scary to me, but now I'm really intrigued! I like reading reviews of movies from Christians because I usually get a better understanding of how I might like it too!

I'm glad you and your hubby and a chance to do something just the two of you!

kelli mercado said...

aw amy i miss you guys so much! im glad you had a good date night; i'm building our wall/partitions in our new loft in philly and the entire time am thinking how you'd be doing it so much better haha. have you seen signs by m night shamalan? its about a priest who loses faith in god you have to watch it it's a good one.

OH and m night is from philly and mostly all his movies are set there!

okay, i'm going to stop blabbering. i miss you so much!

amy jean said...

yeah we have seen most of his movies. this one is also filmed in philly!! the whole time i was getting siked over seeing the places i use to live and want to visit next month!!!

bebe bird beck said...

I can't take scary movies, and that preview scared me!
But you two are so freakin' cute together. I love date days.

Anonymous said...

You've NEVER been to Burgers on the Edge before????!!! It was right next to your old apartment. That's where Jerrell and I had our first date and fell in love right before I took him to the airport when he was staying at your place during his first Hawaii trip. Good memories. Enjoy your dates. We have one coming up too. ;)

God bless you! Love you, mama.

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