Thursday, July 28, 2011
When I started this blog a year ago I was very new to the  blogging scene. I was freshly pregnant and wanted away to journal my transformation to mommyhood. I have to admit that part of me just wanted to be cool and have a blog. Don't you know it's the cool thing to do. 
Quickly into my first year of blogging I kinda stopped caring. Life got busy and hectic and I put it on the back burner only updating once a month if at all. I didn't however stop reading other peoples' blogs. now that it's been a while and i've been following a lot of the same people I have realized what keeps me interested and coming back.  I love the girls that know who they are what they believe and what they stand for. they have their own opinions and style. they do not try to pretend to be cool are something they aren't. I am in no way dissing blogger quite the opposite. I'm commending those people out there that aren't blogging to be something they aren't but instead are proud of who they are. 

Ok that being said. I know now, why i was bored with blogging and hardly ever posted. I never found my voice. I am NOT a writer!! I never have been and never will be a girl of many words. I'm awful with grammar and spelling and often times i just don't care.   Plus i felt like i needed to fit this mold of what all these other bloggers were doing.  I would only make posts about the things i thought other people would think was cool.  well I'm not really that cool. in fact i'm a nerd. a pretty big nerd. I'm Ok with it and maybe you find that interesting if you do please keeping following me cause for now on i'm letting my whole self shine!!! Here comes the nerd!! 



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