Thursday, July 7, 2011
My little Monster is growing up! I hate it. I look at photos of her from only a few months ago and she has gotten huge. These past 6 months have gone by so fast and I want them back. before I know it she'll be off the school and moving out. :) 

I love her so much. I never knew that I could adore someone as much as I adore her. her little gummy smile  warms my heart every time. Each new noise she makes gets applauds and laughter out of me. I love how she reaches for me and Jesse when she wants to get picked up, or how her adorable bottom lip turns in to a square when she cries. How every morning I wake up with her tiny little arm stretched across me and her legs draped over me. She is perfect and I don't know how I went one day without her. 

here are some milestones she has reached recently
can almost crawl. 
 laughs all the time. 
 ate solids for the first time this week, a banana.
 can sit up.
 started sucking her thumb.
finally is starting to like the car seat. 
can balance her self while standing if holding on to something. 


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