Saturday, July 30, 2011

So as stated before I am a nerd. there is no way to sugar coat it. I'm a full blown dork. I'm coming to terms with it. My husband is constantly berated by me joking that he is a nerd but in reality I'm the level 500 geek. 

here is some of the ways i love to geek out. (please do not judge me as these are not the typical cool nerdy things) 

1. I love to watch people play video games. I say watch because I like to navigate. I'm not good at controlling the character but I love to be a helper. I'm the perfect match for Jesse because he is great at controlling but not so good at solving riddles and remembering where to go.  We have recently played Fable 1 & 2 (we have 3 but i'm kinda board with it), Assassin creed, Castlevainia, and we are currently on Darksiders. 

2. ok, this is my most recent nerdy hobby but i'm in love with it. Magic the Gathering!!
it's a strategy card game. I remembered kids playing this in middle school but I probably just made fun of them instead of giving it a chance.  Well it's the most fun. it was a little rough trying to learn the rules but after a night of fighting with jesse over the difference of flying attacks vs vigilance attacks and what power and strength meant I was hooked. It wasn't hard to hook our roommate and a visiting friend Wendy too. Magic is like Twilight you make the most fun of it until you secretly give it a try then you're hooked and there is no way out. 

3. I love to do math. Almost at anytime i'm doing math problems in my head. I have no idea where this comes from but i've always enjoyed it. I got a email from a friend sending me a link to this awesome tutorial web site where you can learn pretty much anything. On the site they have math tests and i spent hours the other night doing them for fun. Jesse is still making fun of me. Who does that!?!? If you do please let me know i'm not alone!

So i think i better end there in risk of losing the few followers i have! 

I hope you still like me!

P.S. I love that Jovi is in all these pictures. She is such a good sport. 


Anonymous said...

I will Always Love You

Ashley said...

I love watching my hubby play video games too! I'm ok at navigating. Have you played any in the Oblivion series? (It's for XBOX) I like the storyline with it, and isn't too difficult for novices!

Eva said...

haha...i consider myself a nerd too but more just because i'm boring! i'm not much of a games, or especially Math, person.

Kay Rose said...

I actually enjoy doing math as well. Instead of using a calculator, I usually write out the math problems at work :]

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