Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Well as stated before my husband and I pretty much hate clutter and excessive amounts of anything. We knew how easy it would be to go over board on baby items if we listened to what items the baby stores recommend on getting. So instead I asked tons of new moms what they recommend and I read other mom's blogs to see what they liked.  Since that was so helpful I thought I would share my must haves as well.

What I've learned is that a new born need's isn't very much.  Jovi is 3 and a half weeks old now being that we live in hawaii and it's around 85-90 degrees every day she just lives in diapers. At first we were using huggies snugglers for newborns  I think they were called. the ones with the cord cut out. as soon as she is big enough we will be switching her to prefolds and cloth diapers. 

Receiving blankets 
Everyone says to get like 10-15 of these we listened and got that many and seriously we rotate about five of these. Jovi is a pretty clean baby, she doesnt spit up or have many blow outs or anything so she doesnt go through them as fast as she could, plus it's warm here so during the day she is happy just in a diaper. 

this pillow is a must have!! it has saved my life/arms! I use it for breast feeding, cradling baby, support, everything. this is my favorite baby item. I also hear that the Breast friend is pretty good to and has a belt that snaps on. I haven't tried that but I could see how it would also be great. 

Prefolds are generally used for diapers and eventually thats our goal too but, because they are super absorbent ive been using them as burp cloths Just one less item to buy. 

A good stroller and car seat
We got an amazing travel system from jesse's mom. it's made by Uppa baby and it has three different carriers, a bassinet, a car seat, and a regular toddler/ older baby seat. right now all Jovi fits in is the bassinet and the car seat. honestly when we got the stroller I fell in love with it because of the bassinet. It looks like one of those old fashion prams. I still love it and i use it when i go on walks but it's way more practical to just use the car seat since it's already in the car and it would suck to wake Jovi up and move her to the bassinet and then to the car seat again. For now Jovi has been sleeping in our bed next to me, but when she is a little older I plan on using the stroller's bassinet as her bed. 

Baby sling 
We have a Balboa baby sling and it's pretty awesome. Babies get so use to movement in the womb that it becomes soothing to them. they love feeling close to you and hearing your heart beat. Baby wearing is a great way to get both hands free, and keep baby close and calm. they say that babies that are worn more then 3 hrs a day are 70% less fussy then babies that are just put in a swing or crib to sleep.  I wold totally recommend trying this. Jovi loves it. 

Honestly we have many more things, changing table, swing, bouncer, baby bath, first aid kit and monitor , but they arent must haves there are many days where I dont even use those things. Having a baby is already super expensive and you can easily become overwhelmed with all the bombardment of baby gear out there. just know that for nine months all the baby needed was you and for awhile all they are gonna need is you. 

I hope this is helpful to you 


Beryl ❤ Lynn said...

What kind of monitor did you get? I registered for the Angelcare baby movement and sound monitor..

Squigglemama said...

As far as babywearing, I had a Moby wrap(www.mobywrap.com). I LOVED it. I liked that you could use it different ways and since I'm 5' 1" and my fiancee is 6' we could both use it. And you can wear your baby until they are 35lbs. I know you have a sling, but it might be something you might want to check out.

amy jean said...

Beryl- we just have a basic Graco monitor, nothing fancy. Im sure the angelcare is great.

Squigglemama- thanks for the recommendation. i'm gonna check out that site. i've been hearing a lot of good things about the moby wrap. and hearing that it works good for both short and tall people is a plus. Jesse is also 6 ft and i'm only 4'11''


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