Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm trying to clean out my computer and in doing so I have realized that my hair has been an insane amount of colors in the past year.  check it out 

blue...I really liked this one 

Black... it's my old tried and true 

Blonde. cute but I get sick of it quickly 

 Brunette... my other tried and true 

Pink.. my favorite. I wish is kept this color.

 Purple...ehh it was ok 

 Red...fades way to fast. 



Mandy said...

They are all cute! My favorites are the blue and brunettes- but they all look cute! I used to have pink and blonde... But I pretty much killed my hair. I am ready to red again.

amy jean said...

thanks Mandy, hah I'm always destroying my hair! I die it brown let it grow out real long. get sick of it bleach it out. die it pink or any other various color. wreck it again cut it, die it some more. get sick of it die it red. let that fade out die it black. start over!! :)

Delane Rineer said...

Life is funnier when color is involved.

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