Friday, January 28, 2011
And my first week as a mommy!!
Having a baby is amazing! i still can't believe that she is here. every morning i wake up and think how amazing it is that she is half me and half jesse!  

the first few days all she did was sleep. it was hard to even get here to open her eyes. but now she is having  little bursts of awake time. I love seeing her beautiful big eyes. I'm also realizing how much work it takes to be a mom, or even just a parent in general. Jesse is still out of work and that has been a huge help, but still everything takes twice as long. you want to brush your teeth and get dressed? well, first you need to feed baby, then rock her to sleep, mean while she poops and you need to change her. then she is back to being wide awake. start process all over again hoping she doesnt wake up again. 1 hour later maybe you get to brush your teeth before she wakes up. I'm lucky if i get one thing done throughout the day. haha but it's all worth it because i get to cuddle our beautiful baby girl. 

so far she has just been sleeping on my chest. and during the night she sleeps pretty well. usually about 4-5hrs. in the mornings she is all wide eyed and calm staring at everything for a few hours. At night between 9-midnight she is a little more fussy. she wants to be walked around and constantly moving. 

her swelling in the face has gone down and Jesse says that everyday she is looking more and more like me, although I think she looks more like him. She currently has pretty light hair which we arent sure where that came from we both had pretty dark hair and so do our families. I hoping it gets darker in time. her eyes are blue right now but i hear it takes up to 6 mons before the change. my eyes are green and Jesse's are brown. i have my fingers crossed for green eyes. 

here are some cute pictures of her this week. 


Beryl ❤ Lynn said...

Super cute! This makes me so excited for when our little one arrives!

Danielle said...

hey there!

Mia sent me over your way, and I was hoping you'd like to be featured on my blog for Tattoo Tuesday (a feature I do - Mia has done it before!).

Email me at sometimessweetblog @ gmail if you're interested- I'd love to have you!

mrs.adrienneK said...

Oh my goodness what a doll!!!
adrienne K.

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