Thursday, December 30, 2010
Christmas is absolutely positively my favorite time of the year. I not sure what it is about it, maybe the beautiful twinkling lights and decorations everywhere, the smell of cinnamon and brown sugar candles burning, maybe the white snow...hahah yeah right not in hawaii.... Maybe it's because we are taking time out to celebrate Jesus birthday. I know it's not about that for a lot of people but it is for my family. I think it's a combination of all those things plus a lot more. 

I just love the over all feeling of the holiday. I think this started very early in life for me. not because of all the presents but because my Mom went over board on making this time of the year memorable. She went crazy on decorations, parties, presents, family and telling us about God. As soon as thanksgiving was over the decorations came out. She would make it so much fun to set everything up and enjoy the time together. finally after a days hard work she would make hot tea or hot cocoa and we would just sit as a family all lights but the christmas lights  turned off and christmas music in the background and just enjoy the sights silently together. 

as a kid i would always sleep under the christmas tree that first night we set it up. I dont know how that tradition started. i think i just wanted to stare at all the blinking lights and they would  hypnotize me to sleep. I tried to get jesse to try it this year with me. It didn't work out to well. our tree is set up on hard flooring. can you imagine a six foot man and a nine month pregnant lady laying under a tree gazing up at the lights??? hahah totally priceless. 


bebe bird beck said...

haha Love that picture! And that belly. Soo cute.

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