Thursday, December 30, 2010
Wow, can you believe it!?!?! I cant.
it's been a really long time since I've done a pregnancy up date. I apologize, things have been hectic out here. I totally have a new found respect for people who find time to post everyday. I'm lucky if i can find the time once a week. 

So here i am at 37 weeks!

still rocking the heels hehe.. jesse hates these shoes, but i love them.

UHH! seriously 3 maybe 4 more weeks seems like nothing compared to how far i've come but this time is just not moving. I'm out of work now so i thing that has a lot to do with it. I thought being out of work was going to be amazing. I would have all this free time to craft and paint and sew, but instead i'm ordered by my doctor, by jesse, by my roommate, by jesse's mom everyone! to nap and rest. ehh i'm not a naper!  It super hard for me to sleep at night as is and if i nap mid day im up all night. But i try.  when i'm not napping i do chores.  plus it's been raining nonstop here so jesse has had the car which mean i'm stuck at home. ohh the woes of a pregnant woman. I'M A SHUT IN!!! I'M JUST AN OVEN COOKING THIS BABY. 

sometimes that seriously all i feel like, an oven. My body is not my own anymore, it's a hotel for my little girl well i think my body is going to evict her soon. 

honestly, I have had it pretty easy. the first 4 months were hell. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy but then it was pretty smooth sailing. A few minor uncomfortable instances, but all in all normal pregnancy issues. Again being honest i'm not one of those women who will ever say i love being pregnant. NO WAY!! that is so not me. i can separate what a blessing my child is going to be and how much i love her from how much i dislike being pregnant. 

so changes in me

total wieght gain, so far im at 33 lbs. not to bad. I would have like to keep it around 35 total gain in the end but it looks like i might go over that.  I am starting to feel really fat though. i see it in my face and arms now. it's pretty hard to deal with but at least i only have a few more weeks and then i can start losing it. 

Stretch marks? So far so good!! i'm keeping my fingers crossed. hopefully i wont get any. I dont know about my tattoos though they are stretched to high hell. we will see if they go back to normal. 

Belly button Innie or outie? it pretty much flatten out and has a weird lip at the top of it. i'm not sure if i would call it an outtie but jesse does

Sleep? ehh, as i touched on before sleep is pretty rough. I'm not overly tired during the day at all. But i'm surprised because i hardly get any sleep. i'm up every hour to use the bathroom. It was easy fall right back asleep but now i find my self just staring at the celling waiting for my blatter to explode again. 

aches and pains? Normal pregnancy things, my feet hurt, and my pelvis is stretching so that is causing some serious pain anytime i put weight on my right side. 

other then that I'm just ready to meet my little girl! to see her face and stare into her prefect eyes. to look at her features and figure out wether she got them from me or jesse. 
please come soon baby girl.



Mandy said...

I'm so excited for you! And you look great! I hear ya about being a pregnant shut in... My husband and I share one car, and I stay at home... so by dinner time I am ready to pull my hair out from boredom!

You are so close to meeting your little girl!

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