Thursday, December 30, 2010
I have the most amazing friends in the world. I know a lot of people say that, but over and over again my friends knock me over with their kindness. I had two baby showers one was in NJ in oct. I'm originally from NJ and still have a bunch of friends and family out there. They all got together and surprised me with not only a baby shower but the airfare to get out there.  My bestie traci threw everything together and it was such a perfect trip. My mom and dad got to see me pregnant, which was a dream come true. (it's not easy living so far away from family) I was blown away by how many people came out and by all the amazing food. i'm a sucker for good vegan food and believe me i left that night stuffed to the max.  

here are some long over do photos from my trip 
me and my mom 

that's right we did a pyramid!! 

my daddy and my aunt sandy 

my twin brother, joel 

So like I said I have the most amazing friends so of coarse there needed to be another shower out here in Hawaii as to not leave anyone out. Plus, Jesse likes to be involved in baby things too so we had two baby showers. My second one was a few weeks ago at my friend kristian's house. once again I was blown away by the thoughtfulness and kindness of my friends. It was just a fun chill day hangin out by the pool talking story and playing a few games. I'm not much of a silly traditional baby shower games kinda girl, so i was kinda freaked out when kristina handed me a warm diaper with a melted candy bar smeared inside it, but it got tons of laughs and actually tasted pretty good. our friend Rob freaked out and couldn't even look at the diapers. he actually ended up throwing up and hiding until we all finished. I would say the highlight of the day was when Jesse's mom, my mother in law came through the door. I was expecting her and it was such a great surprise. she hadn't seen me with a belly at all and i think it meant so much to us both that she got some belly time. 

here are photos from that shower!

Jesse's Mom Denise 

it's not a baby shower without a baby 
this baby (micaiah) is the best baby in the world. i hope Jovi is half as well behaved and cute as her. 

even rosie roo got some baby time! 

I love that my friends can show up to a baby shower looking this sketchy 



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