Thursday, March 10, 2011
Oh man did we have a busy week. My Good old friend Traci came to visit. Jovi had her first day at the beach, we had a dinner party, played clue, played cards,  played more cards, and went to the art museum. I'm planning on posting about all of those things but first of all Jovi's first day at the beach. 

We have been looking forward to bringing our baby girl to the beach since before her birth. I absolutely love babies in bathing suites. i dont think there could be anything cuter in the world.. well maybe puppies and kittens. I have a huge collections of bathing suites for Jovi and have been dying to try them out. especially with her new baby sunglasses 

Last sunday was finally that day. we drove out to kailua to our friends James and Kristina's place. They pretty much live on the beach and it's beautiful out there. I was kinda afraid of her getting sand in her eyes or something like that so i was a little on edge but it was a beautiful day and we had so much fun. It was to cold for her to go in the water but there will be plenty of time for that later on. I really think she loved it she took a power nap in the shade of our umbrella and was all smiles. 

After the beach we headed back to Kristina's place for lunch. me and Kristina hung out and talked while the boys played video games. Perfect relaxing sunday. A much needed relaxing day. 

enjoy the photos


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