Friday, March 11, 2011
Traci, my best friend came out to visit!! I actually just dropped her off at the airport :( I have known traci for the past ten yrs. We were roommates in college and became in separable. Even when we live crazy far from each other we find ways to see each other and stay close. Her sister surprised her for Christmas with tickets out here. I was so happy I was able to spend time with her and that she got to meet Jovi.  She was only her for a short time but had a lot of fun and did so much. I'm use to just spending time at home taking care of Jo. 

It's amazing having a friend like Traci. She always calls me on my crap, but she also makes sure to support me. We have both watched each other change and grow into the woman we are today. when we met we were babies, and we were nuts. traci was my partner in crime. she was always down for adventures we did everything together. Traci was always the life of the party the person who would make you  roll around on the ground laughing. We would stop the car and have mini dance parties on the side on the roads together.  

10 yrs later we are much older and things have calmed down a little bit. it's so interesting to see how we've changed. I've moved to Hawaii gotten married and had a baby. She is pursuing her dreams of helping women  and making the world a better place for them by demanding equality. i'm so proud of her and her convictions. 

Photos from her trip. I already miss her. Maybe one day i"ll convince her to move here.



bebe bird beck said...

Such cute pictures. I love that yawning picture.
andd You look so great in your swimsuit!

Delane Rineer said...

so cute

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