Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It seems like I've finally had the time to get back into doing Shoots more regularly. It's been awesome too. I love photography and editing. I thought, naively that last year when I took off for maternity leave I would have all this time to work on my Photography and Editing skills and starting becoming the professional photographer that I've been dreaming of. Well, that was a be joke....having a new born well no one told me, but they happen to be a ton of work. haha I dont know what I was thinking. I even did a few shoots wearing Jovi in a baby carrier it was a complete mess. 

But, now we gotten the swing of things and I'm finally finding time to slowly build up my portfolio just in time for baby number two!! hah 

So here's a look at my lastest shoot with Alex and Sarah. It was really fun hearing their ideas and making them come alive. I feel like the pictures really capture who they are as a couple.I always get nervous shooting more the one  person at a time. It's hard enough trying to direct one person then add to that and it's a lot of work. It's so much easier when the two people have the love and chemistry that Alex and Sarah naturally have together.   

Hair and makeup was done by Wendy Wilson 


Mandy said...

So cute!

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