Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Last week another one of my friends moved away from Hawaii. I know i've said it before but it kills me to watch my friends go. This time was especially hard. 

When i moved to Hawaii 5 yrs ago. I didn't know a soul. It was a huge scary move and I never thought I would make it out here without my friends. I've always been blessed with incredible friends and they mean the world to me. I come from a super small family so my friends are totally family to me. Leaving them behind was super hard for me. 

A few months after I moved out here my best friend James followed suite. It was so good to have a familiar face around. Hawaii is more then perfect but it's nothing if you have no one to experience it with. It was just me and James for awhile until we started to make a small group of friends. That small but incredible group will always hold a special place in my heart. They helped define hawaii for me, taking this perfect place and making it home for me. 

My second year another close friend from NJ, Skott,  was added to our group.  He has been here ever since then and last week I had to say good bye. 

I've known Skott pretty much my whole life.  We met as two punk kids hanging out at the mall and going to shows in NJ. Anyone who knows Skott knows it's either a love or hate relationship. There is no one like him. He is one of the loudest most obnoxious people I have ever met. It's something I love dearly about him. Anyone who has ever been in the same vicinity as him could tell you that he demands attention and will get it forcibly if he has to.  He doesn't ever care what anyone thinks about him. He speaks his mind and isn't concerned with who it's going to offend. I adore his honestly and boldness. when most people are spending time on their image Skott is just busy being him self. that's what makes him something to be sought after.  He is famous for acting first and thinking later.  But these are all things anyone would know about him by spending 5 mins with him. 

Here are some things I have learned about him by spending close to 15 yrs with him. He never gives up on you once your his friend. He is loyal and caring. He doesn't know it but he is very very smart. I think he could be good at anything he tries to do because he puts all of his heart into it. He is one of the hardest workers I have ever known. He is always down to have fun and having him around is the life of the party.  He is my best friend and I've always had him and James close by me. They are my brothers. I  Have no idea who I would be without them or where I would be with out them. they have both help me get through harder times then I hope anyone ever has to deal with.  With out them I would be lost. 

this is the first time the three of us have really be apart and i hope it's only for a short time. 

i love you guys. 

here's the video from his band Die Slow's last show. At the beginning of it he dedicated the band to me and i cried the most!! I'm so proud of him and hope his new band on the main land does amazingly 

Die Slow - 9/3/11 @ 4Play from Jon Wong on Vimeo.


Overthinking Mama said...

love the pics!! i hate goodbyes too :-( im jealous of the hawaii living... so wish i could do something like that!! :-)

kelli mercado said...

oh amy this is awesome. everything you say is true, and even in the short time knowing skott i think of him as a brother and it was so amazing seeing him again. don't think that we all don't miss you; our lives are forever different because you aren't with us over here!!! :(

@nickohlaa said...

Just found your blog via my friend Sammi's wedding blog. I'm wedding planning and your carnival theme was awesome. I'm thinking of having a dia de los muertos one. am now looking at milanoo- so glad they ship to the UK! xx

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